The free to use, performant, capable, customisable, and easy to use Hypixel Twitch bot.

Providing over 50 commands and practically unlimited possibilities for customisation, Hysbot (pre. HypixelStatistics) will help you to get the most out of your Twitch stream.


  • Hysbot is an extremely useful bot for anyone streaming bedwars or VALORANT - it's great for the viewer and streamer to check their own/others' stats and even useful for checking status' of players, ranks etc. Not to mention, how easy it is to work with the developer (cake) who is always one DM away from solving an issue/adding a new feature or just hearing out general feedback. I've known cake and used Hysbot for about a year now (since I first started streaming) and even before it was open access I've been vouching for it and getting many streamers to add it to their channel. Definitely recommend.

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    Creator of Hysbot


No waiting around for commands.

Hysbot is hosted next to Twitch's chat servers in San Francisco, USA, and consistently beats all other major bots in custom command response time.


Make Hysbot yours.

You can modify almost every aspect about the bot, personalised to your channel.

Set a Minecraft account, prefix, user cooldown, global cooldown, channel mode, field separator, add adaptive custom commands, and toggle commands, all for free!


More than just the defaults.

By default, you get a range of commands for Hypixel commands, and other utilities. You can create your own commands, with command variables!

Command variables allow you to create streamer-based Hypixel commands and even create song commands without using other third-party bots.


Hysbot X Ranked Bedwars

Hysbot is proudly partnered with Ranked Bedwars, supporting its growth and longevity. Furthermore, you may use -rbw <username/uuid> to check players Ranked Bedwars statistics!

Ranked Bedwars allows you to improve your game-sense and game-play, meet new players, and of course, to learn from and play with other well-known bedwars players in the community.

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