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Q: Where do you get player data?

We collate Hypixel player data from Hypixel’s own API at api.hypixel.net with an API key. VALORANT match/player data is collected and indexed from Riot Games’ official VALORANT API at developer.riotgames.com.

Q: What tech stack is used?

We use Rust for the core bot (previously used TypeScript) for high stability and performance.

We use MongoDB as our primary and cache database.

We use Next.js sending requests to our API to run the website.

Hysbot is deployed on CactiveCloud, providing analytics and reliable hosting.

Q: How do you make money?

Short answer, we don’t. This service is being self-funded by CactiveNetwork and is for the betterment of members of the community. We are considering opening donations or making custom bots publicly accessible in a subscription model. We will never charge you for the core service, and do not plan on shutting any time soon.

Q: Where can I download the source code?

Hysbot is not an open-source project, and we currently have no plans on making the source code for this bot public anytime soon.

Q: Why should I use this bot?

You can use Hysbot to check different players statistics on Hypixel and other games, in consise, and easy to use commands. The bot also serves other purposes, and can be used to create custom commands with custom variables, that respond substancially and consistently faster than other bots in comparison.

Q: What's wrong with the bot?

If you think there’s an issue, please contact us in our discord at discord.gg/NeqVuSy and a staff member will assist you. Please remember that some channels that you are in use private mode, and may have a cooldown or global cooldown set.

Q: I had a feature idea, how can I submit it?

If you have any feature ideas, we’d love to hear them! You can tell us in our discord or run -suggest <suggestion> (assuming you have permissions and the bot is in that channel) and we’ll consider your suggestion for the next update.

Q: Where is the bot located?

San Francisco, CA.